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Electronics Engineering
Volume Custom Semiconductors

Aeronautical provides electronic engineering services, utilising the latest technology and methodology examples to enhance and accelerate the process of designing new electronic systems and consumer products. The company designs and produces its own schematic diagrams, mechanical CAD, Printed Circuit Boards PCB's, simulation data and custom integrated circuits (ASICS) utilising United States chip foundries. Recent projects include PCB's for LED lighting, DALI control gear & mobile IOT devices. We have design unmanned aerial vehicle(s) manufacture and supply special purpose parts for educational UAV tests and special interest groups. The wing with 300mm dome can carry a Gyro stabilised camera for high quality cinematography work.
Developers of Altium library components for Mean Well PCB mounted products and specific customer projects that enable faster time to market. We are creative industrial & electronics engineering at &
camera. Download the report here.

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Aeronautical provides electronic engineering support for Microchip Technology

The basic format and look of the profile.
Vortex induced lift as a result of the high sweep helping on low speed landings: @ 17kg a low speed stall of 9.55m/s and an efficient cruise @ 6.2 AOA using only 141 Watts and 15.5 m/sPasted Graphic

We are on our way…. Shown is prototype D profile
Standard with integrated servos and the industry most advanced carbon fibre material
Flight test 4, checking cross wind short landing ability less than 20m. 15~20 knots gusts S/SW
The wing provides excellent stable low speed roll and stall. Low speed stall allows for a short landing area in rough terrain. Tough under-section and optimised large control surfaces provide excellent low speed control.
An integrated servo drive for control surfaces, electric re-tractable landing gear and provisions for a fuel bladder. A modular engine mount allows for an EFI petrol engine providing 5kg of thrust.
Total of 6 rear control surfaces. Over the Cg rear fuel and addition payload bay allows for a range sensor’s and options. Front dome area is for an additional sensor.
Up to 20 liters of combined payload area for 3m wing.