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Aeronautical provides electronic engineering services, utilising the latest technology and methodology to enhance and accelerate the process of designing new electronic systems and consumer products. Aeronautical produces it's own intellectual property including schematic diagrams, mechanical CAD, Printed Circuit Boards PCB's, simulation data and custom integrated circuits (ASICS) utilising United States chip foundries. Recent projects include PCB's and devices for LED lighting, DALI control gear & mobile IOT devices and sensors. We have designed unmanned aerial vehicle(s) manufactured and supply special purpose parts for educational UAV tests and special interest groups. Developers of custom products and specific customer devices that enable faster time to market and semiconductor level protected intellectual property. We are creative industrial & electronics engineering at Aeronautical
Electronic engineering support for Microchip Technology
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Vortex induced lift as a result of the high wing sweep is perfect for low speed landings.
Technical Report
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Standard with integrated servos and the industries most advanced carbon fibre material
Flight test 4. We're checking cross wind short landing ability of less than 20m with 15~20 knots gusts S/SW. This design can scale to 6m.
The wing provides excellent stable low speed roll and a controlled stall. Low speed stall allows for a short landing area in rough terrain. Tough under-section and optimised large control surfaces provide excellent low speed control.