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We have Delivered innovative product solutions and services for companies capitalizing on existing production that requires a competitive leap forward. After doing some great work for customers at Aeronautical we're producing our own designed products. Presidio.4 is a tested robust design. We are focused on our passion of creating great media for filmmakers and news networks. Our wing's 300mm dome can carry a Gyro stabilised 4k camera. Download the report here.

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Aeronautical provides electronic engineering support for Microchip Technology

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Vortex induced lift as a result of the high sweep helping on low speed landings: @ 17kg a low speed stall of 9.55m/s and an efficient cruise @ 6.2 AOA using only 141 Watts and 15.5 m/sPasted Graphic

We are on our way…. Shown is prototype C profile nicknamed Presidio
Presidio comes standard with integrated servos and the industry most advanced carbon fibre material
Flight test 4, checking cross wind short landing ability less than 20m. 15~20 knots gusts S/SW
Presidio provides excellent stable low speed roll and stall. Low speed stall allows for a short landing area in rough terrain. Tough under-section and optimised large control surfaces provide excellent low speed control.
Presidio has an integrated servo drive for control surfaces, electric re-tractable landing gear and provisions for a fuel bladder. A modular engine mount allows for an EFI petrol engine providing 5kg of thrust.
Total of 6 rear control surfaces. Over the Cg rear fuel and addition payload bay allows for a range sensor’s and options. Front dome area is for an additional sensor.
Up to 20 liters of combined payload area for 3m Presidio.